Christina Bindon

A freelance illustrator specializing in fantasy illustration and concept art.

‘Christina Bindon Illustration’ is based in Milton, Ontario and works digitally and in acrylics. 20% of sales are donated to Pacific Wild, as regular monthly donations.

Hi, my name is Christina. If you are reading this it means that I am….likely painting, or cuddling with my dog. I’m currently based out of Milton, Ontario, but I am a former resident of BC (and hopefully future resident as well.)I’ve been a long time supporter of Pacific Wild, and in particular their work opposing the wolf cull. I honestly care deeply about misunderstood “predator” species and how they’re vilified in society. I love painting wolves and bears for my personal work, and incorporating them in my professional work as a sci-fi & fantasy illustrator. This site is a great opportunity to support independent Canadian artists in uncertain times while also giving generously to a great organization.

“I first heard about Pacific Wild through beautiful photographs promoting the organization. So when it came time to channel my support I immediately thought of PW!

I have a special place in my heart for ‘predator’ species that are misrepresented and vilified by society like at-risk wolves in BC to bears falling prey to trophy hunting.

British Columbia is such a unique place that supports so ,any beautiful species and it deserves to be protected.I am very happy to use my skills as an artist to help & promote Pacific Wild.