Fanny Aïshaa

A self-taught nomadic painter and advocate for youth-led community art.

Fanny Aïshaa is self-taught nomadic painter. She writes poetry through murals. She learns everyday through collective mural process in incredible communities. She started painting, drawing after completing a University degree in Montreal and Rio de Janeiro in Cinema and Latin American Studies.

In the street of Brasil, she learned from graffiti artists and muralists the power of community murals to revitalize and reclaim spaces. Since then, she has traveled all across the continent to meet incredible communities and paint collective mural. She also develops a personal body of artworks with watercolours, graphite illustrations and acrylic painting. She believes in learning, building and collaborating in spaces where responsibilities, relationships and reciprocities to our ecosystems are fundamental.

She is highly committed and inspired in youth-led projects and love to uplift every human to connect with their gifts. She embrace art, painting, illustration as healing and intuitive way to regenerate more life, restore, revitalize, unites, celebrate knowledges, identities, reclaim ourselves. She is a harvester with an independent spirit honoring her diverse cultural background in celebrating the rich biodiversity. She loves to plant seeds and see life blossoms around. She loves to use art, her passion to uplift celebration of coastal life and biodiversity and community life!

“I feel really drawn to all campaigns and especially the no tanker and wild salmon and herring campaigns. I love all the campaigns. In many murals I did with communities, we integrated some photographs of Ian McAllister and April Bencze and when I do murals with Indigenous youth across the coast, we are always inspired by the photographs and campaigns to inspire paintings.”