Gerrit McLean

A wildlife artist, graphic designer, and conservationist.

The Gorilla Graffix Group is a culmination of Gerrit’s years of experience as a creative professional. He has worked in many creative roles from newspaper production through to sign shop and studio owner. This provided him with a wide range of skills and the ability to offer a wide range of services.

He enjoys the challenge of taking someone’s thoughts or ideas as they are communicated to him, and then transforming them into something tangible as a visual. Most often he is asked to ensure the visual is created with an intention, whether it is to provide information, deliver a message or invoke some kind of reaction or feeling.

His personal art and all of his experimenting with different mediums are almost an escape for him. A time and space where almost everything fades into the background while he decide what the next step is going to be or what type of mark he will make next. This is often the hardest place to get to, but once you are there, there is nothing else like working on something and having it finally finished, yes a sense of loss at the ending of this particular creative rhythm, but also joy at having expressed this thought this idea and to have it move or inspire someone else is like the cherry on top.

“I am excited to become involved with this team, as I want to contribute to the efforts made to raise awareness and save as well as protect what remains. The issues facing the earths inhabitants are very serious, even dire in the next decade. Decisions and politics can no longer impede the need to change drastically the way we humans exist on the earth. Unfortunately I don’t see, or at least can’t imagine how the systems could change enough in the next decade to save our world. Politics and government are less accountable than ever, and lack the real motivation (money) needed to make drastic changes. It is very overwhelming and even soul crushing knowing these massive changes must happen right now, and even that won’t save everything. We as a species have the knowledge and technology to help reverse some of our destruction, but it would need to be implemented on a massive scale, right now, to do any good and to have any hope of rescuing some of our the earth’s natural cycles and healing abilities. That is not happening, governments are not making any sweeping changes or reducing the actual amount of pollution being released, just paying a little more tax for the privilege of polluting. Summits are great places to talk and share ideas, but what they really need to do is let the SCIENTISTS, and EXPERTS explain the problem, offer the best solutions and then dictate the next steps in our survival to all countries and governments present who then return to their home country to implement what they need to do to help save us.

That happening, on a wholesale kind of scale, around the globe in the next decade seems like science fiction to me.

I can only do what I can do, and by becoming involved I am taking that step towards making a difference.”