Hobo Magazine

A magazine showing reverence to the beauty of the natural world.

Through collections of in-depth interviews, photos and essays, Hobo stays on the side of the outsiders, the dreamers, those who don’t play the obvious game.

The recurring theme, the one that somehow permeates every issue, is simply ‘travels’ and as Tom Robbins once told us, “how it’s possible to avoid the bourgeois compromise and to think, create, and even reside outside the realm of ‘normal’ expectations.”
By showing reverence to the beauty of the natural world and implicitly suggesting a return to a way of life more in tune with nature, the magazine thereby hopefully also promotes the preservation of wild spaces.

Imagined in 2002 on a chairlift in Whistler, British Columbia and created shortly thereafter, Hobo is currently based in Paris, France.

With every issue, Hobo offers free single and double page spreads to select non-profits committed to defending wildlife and their habitats such as Pacific Wild. To date Hobo has allocated $456,000 in advertising space to help publicize various nonprofit initiatives.