Jordan Fritz

An artist and graphic designer inspired by the landscapes of Vancouver Island and Coastal Canada.

The process of creation is a universal act of courage that has the power to connect and inspire individuals across cultures. As a painter, Jordan’s brushes and canvas are the tools of creation, and they allow him to transform emotions, observations, and stories into tangible works to be shared with all people.

For Jordan, creation begins long before the first paint falls on canvas. Creation is a healing response to emotions within, and the healing process begins by immersing himself in nature. Whether it be plunging into the mesmerizing waters off the Pacific Coast of Vancouver Island, wandering through old growth forests or climbing the snowy peaks of BC’s towering mountains, these sacred places are irreplaceable and provide healing that cannot be found anywhere else. In a time of social divide around the natural environment in Canada, Jordan’s hope is to create art that evokes a sense of wonder to his viewers, telling visual stories that bring people, wild places and cultures together.

As an emerging artist in British Columbia, he is seeking opportunities that will allow him to continue to capture the stories of the Canadian landscape, bringing light to the history of Canada and the importance of protecting wild places around the world.

“Pacific Wild was one of the first organizations I began following when I made the move to British Columbia 8 years ago. My work is centred in protecting Canada’s most precious resource – it’s pristine wilderness. For me the natural world has been my refuge and so it is a big part of my mission as an artist to celebrate and protect these places and I think the best way to have the biggest impact is through inspiring and educating my followers through my art. The landscapes, the animals, the people… each aspect impacts the other and Pacific Wild does amazing work to educate and protect these places.”