Justine loves being in nature and captures compositions of interest through her own photography. She currently uses these images as visual reference points while attributing her sensory perception of the place. In September of 2019 she is one third of a team that is showcasing a diverse collection of fine art demonstrating a deep connection to the land of the Peace River Region. This achievement is furthering her exploration into flora and fauna drawing and painting. In the coming months she will be working on a new project in cooperation with B.C Timber Goats. Documenting, through an artistic eye, the regenerative effects goats have on our environment and culture by the practice of conservation agriculture on the landscape.

In all honesty I stumbled upon your website in a call to artists for the Great Bear Rain Forest on Alliance for Arts. I am not surprised that so many other artists are also interested in conservation of our local British Columbian environment. I am beginning a project with a small company B.C Timber Goats (bctimbergoat.ca) which is an early adopter of climate action and has environmental conservation as the main goal of business practice.

As an artist in the beginnings of a fine art career, it is important to me that I bring awareness to the land in my art and hopefully inspire individuals by giving them a glimpse through my eyes how unique the land around us truly is. Showcase how others, in different professions are helping support our eco-systems. Just stop and look, and possibly feel that it is important to be guardians of the wilderness around us and to do minimal damage, work with not against nature.

Through my artistic eye I hope I can connect with other people, non-artists, that may for whatever reason possibly be dulled to the importance and beauty of the eco-systems around B.C. (or anywhere else in the world for that matter).