Kendall Lipsett

An artist inspired by the natural wonders of British Columbia.

Although creative as a child, life conditions pushed Kendall’s art to the side for many years. A blessing in the disguise of a cancer diagnosis helped her realize that she must live vibrantly each day, trust her inner guidance, create artwork to bring joy to herself and others, and take actions to show that we can all make a difference in the world. She is now cultivating positive change and nurturing that creative spark back into her life and is excited to see where this path takes her!

She considers herself lucky to live and paint in Prince George, British Columbia where there is an abundance of wildlife and nature all around to inspire her. However, she knows a piece of her heart will always remain on the coast with the cedars, wolves, and spirit bears.

“In this time of great uncertainty about our climate and the future of diverse life on Earth, I very strongly feel the need to support the healing of the planet and to stop further damage. Pacific Wild represents exactly what I value in protecting the incredible animals of Coastal BC and the irreplaceable ecosystems in which they live. We can be a force for good as we take action now to protect the natural world. Pacific Wild brings us together as guardians of our home and gives us hope for our future.”