Maggie has been serving the community with nature-inspired art programs and events for all ages for 30 years. Maggie’s experience as a first-generation immigrant has fostered resiliency and a profound understanding of a global vision, both of which are deeply ingrained in her art practice. Most recently, she has joined the Robert Bateman Foundation Nature Sketch to promote eco-literacy and inspire appreciation of the natural world. Her latest project with Six Principles Art Lab is curating and producing educational art pack inspired by Nature and artworks from Canadian artists. More than a conventional art studio she has been supporting art education from Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast to the South Okanagan Valley since 1990. Today her works are experimental, exploring diverse materials and building relationships through the process, and trial and error in the pursuit of meaning in Nature.

“I use art to promote the love of Nature and relationships. I lived on the Sunshine Coast for ten years and two years in Bamfield at the Marine Science Centre. I’ve always impressed by the work of Pacific Wild.”