An artist and philanthropist who is passionate about protecting wildlife.

Born in the Land of the Tiger, in Mumbai, India, Nafisa became acutely aware at a young age of the impact the crush of humanity was having on our planet’s already endangered wildlife, in particular the majestic Tiger. Her art leads us to the question of our fragility of our ecosystems and the pressures humanity places on all those around us.

Her passion for the world’s increasingly fragile and endangered wildlife inspired her to create a not-for-profit charity, Animal Works International in 2009 – her ‘call-to-action’ against wildlife destruction.

It is imperative that we look upon the world as the fragile ecosystem that it is and that we take responsibility for what is a global problem and action change.

“It is part of my commitment to the planet and to our wildlife that I share my work so to start a dialogue for this pressing issue.”