Natalia Sanchez

A wolf advocate and middle school student from Sanford, Florida.

Natalia Sanchez is one determined, persistent, athletic and driven girl, living in Sanford, Florida, about as far away from the coastal wolves of the Great Bear Rainforest as you can get in North America.

After playing her first online trivia game with us in late January, where she handily won a prize, while playing from the sidelines of a soccer game after 9pm at night, she decided to do a fundraising campaign with a modest goal of $300.

Pacific Wild set her up with our first ever peer-to-peer landing page and fundraising form with a progress bar, and she began fundraising. Her task? Running 4 miles every 4 hours (around the clock) for 48 hours! Not only did she complete the challenge, she also played a soccer game that weekend, AND we kept raising her fundraising goal. She completed the weekend with over $2000 USD raised for the wolves of British Columbia and captured the imagination of other teens as well.

“Wolves are my favourite animal, and they’re endangered in many places throughout the world. In British Columbia, wolves are caught in torturous devices, hunted for fun, and shot from helicopters.

I want to raise money for Pacific Wild to help them fight against the wolf cull in British Columbia.”