Robin Peterson

An artist inspired by wild things and landscapes.

Robin lives in a wooded wonderland in the Puget Sound region of Washington State where she draws, paints and putters with all the materials of an artistic life. She illustrates medical and natural science subjects and frequently paints on commission. Wild things and landscapes are favored subjects, oil and acrylic her most frequent mediums. Regular forays into the wilderness, backpacking and kayaking, feed her soul and provide endless inspiration. More information about illustration, field sketching adventures and portraiture can be found on her website.

“I have enjoyed many extended summer kayak adventures around Vancouver Island, along the BC coast and in Haida Gwaii. In sharing my experience of wilderness I hope to introduce others to magical places they will never visit first hand. By sharing my personal vision of the wild I hope to re-ignite their own appreciation of it’s incredible beauty. By sharing the wonder of wilderness I hope others will agree that it is sacred, irreplaceable and deserving of our protection.”