Rosie Penning

An artist inspired by wilderness, and wolves in particular.

As a child, Rosie loved to draw. Her favorite class at school was art class. Her favorite things to draw included wild animals and people. Then she got older, entered high school and forgot about art. Fast forward to 2017. She has two small children and quit her job to stay home and take care of them. A year in, she knew she needed to find what she was passionate about. Something flexible, but something that provoked her and and the things she loves. She started taking oil painting classes under a local, established painter. She loved it immediately and dove in.

“I have always loved the wild. Wolves in particular. I wanted to help more, do more for these animals. Help them have a voice. Finally, I feel like I can with my paintings. It all started with Takaya, the Lone Wolf. I saw him and I just had to paint him. He was magnificent and inspiring. His story so tragic. I want to make a difference for these wolves. Create awareness, raise money for them. Auctioning off my paintings to contribute to this cause is something I am passionate about.”