Roxy Querouz

A self-taught artist focusing on abstract art.

Roxy is a self-taught emerging artist who discovered her natural flair for painting during a personal development journey in early 2019. With the encouragement of an artist friend, she bought some art supplies, put paintbrush to paper, and has not looked back since. She soon realized she enjoys painting for its therapeutic tendencies and realized it is such a gratifying medium for self-expression.

For somebody who generally likes clarity and answers, she was amused to discover that her artistic inclination is for the opposite side of the spectrum – abstract, indistinct, clear but not quite, yet reflective of her view of life and how it should be approached – bold, bright, colourful, and eye-catching. She also has a preference for texture as life is all about the ups and downs; the ridges and curves; mostly rough, sometimes smooth, with every aspect being lived and felt to its fullest extent.

I was born in Manila, grew up in Dubai, and moved to Vancouver after having quit my full-time job to go back to school and start over in life. I believe my upbringing and my travels have given me a unique perspective in life and love. My penchant for organizing and 25 years in the business industry has made me quite goal-oriented and strategic, abilities that I am working to apply to my new art career. Since I took up painting, my artwork has been showcased in the 2019 IAD Anonymous Art Show at 100 Braid Studios; participated in the 2019 Anonymous Art Show as well as have a piece in the Art Rental with North Van Arts; and was accepted in the THRIVE Studios Mastermind program.”

“I came across the Pacific Wild Call for Artists on the BC Alliance for Arts & Culture website, and I jumped on it right away. One of the main things I learned since I moved here is how immensely lucky we are to be living in BC and believe the wild life and environment should be vigorously protected. This is one way I feel I can participate and support one such cause.”