Sarah Clement

An artist inspired by the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest.

Sarah Clement is an artist, illustrator and surface pattern designer. She is infinitely inspired by the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest from ocean to forest and looks to Nature as the ultimate teacher, artist and mood-elevator. Her work honours careful craftsmanship and finds delight in the details.

Sarah is a graduate of Emily Carr University of Art and Design (BFA 2010) in beautiful Vancouver, B.C. Whether creating a book illustration, print, mural or a repeat pattern for fabric, her work seeks to celebrate the beauty, wonder and diversity found in the natural world. Sarah believes that art can ignite joy and create positive change in the world and as the great poet Mary Oliver said, ‘attention is the beginning of devotion’. Through her work, Sarah hopes to instil a sense of reverence for the planet, so that we may protect this place we call home. We are all connected.

“I strongly believe in the work that Pacific Wild is doing. I think it’s so important that we as humans, be the voice for the salmon, wolves and forests that need our protection against industry, hunting and fragmentation. I’m particularly passionate about protecting wild salmon, especially from fish farming.”