Sarah Ronald

A conservation-minded animal artist, based in Port Coquitlam, B.C.

“My work is about acknowledging the power of wild animals, while also looking at our own duality. As a species we have determined that we are not animals, yet we are seeking a deeper sense of meaning and connection to the world around us”.

Sarah is a mixed media animal artist. Through her work she explores the intersection between humans and animals, examining the varying ways in which we perceive animals, and how our perceptions impact wildlife in the real world.

Her focus is on wild animals in particular because she believes that the ways we regard wildlife echoes how we define ourselves within the natural ecosystem. On a cultural level, our sensitivity (or lack of) towards wildlife reveals how we relate to the unfamiliar in general, how we respond to polarizing issues and unexpected occurrences in contemporary human life.

With her latest drawings and mixed media work she is starting to acknowledge that beyond conservation matters there exists an invaluable world of landspeak; that there is a world of intuition that wild animals live by, a realm that Sarah believes humans dip into at times, but one that needs to be wholly embraced in our everyday through the collective prioritization of nature literacy.