Sean Behnsen | Flynch Art

Flynch Art is located in Victoria, BC, and works are based in acrylic & oil with metallics.

“Since the very first crayon I picked up, and scribbled coloured nonsense to paper, I’ve wanted to be an artist. Throughout the years, I’ve spent my artistic time delving into unique mediums, trying to find my flair. My canvas types have included scrap wood, driftwood, vinyl records, discarded mirrors, and classic stretched canvas. My paint mediums have included acrylic, oil, wine, coffee, glitter, pearlescents, and most recently metallic acrylics and oils. My subjects vary from animal and human portraits, to fantasy surreal, to movie and television pop culture.”

“I believe in the preservation of our natural environment, and the careful balance that our neighbouring ecosystems require to thrive. I became aware of your organization while participating in the Takaya Arts Festival. I volunteer once a week at The Raptors wildlife sanctuary in Duncan.”