Susan Harman

An artist devoted to creating images that combine particles of moving memory and meaning into a still frame of light.

Photographs stick particles of moving memory and meaning together into a still frame of light pulled from a thought process or a dream or a conversation.

Susan’s art process begins with an assemblage of several (10 to 30) original photographs. She digitally pushes and pulls the particles around until a message in a bottle appears. It is a slice of subconscious surfacing into consciousness. There is always a message, sometimes in the form of a question and then other times in the form of an answer.

She is devoted to the journey of not knowing what will emerge from the pushing and pulling, the scraping away, the painting over and the folding up of images.

She loves surprises and secret messages.

“This year I saw the IMAX film “Great Bear Rainforest – Land of the Spirit Bear” and it brought me to tears that such a place exists, that the animals live as they were meant to, in an intact ecosystem. I feel driven to protect it through supporting the conservation work of Pacific Wild.”