Anita Utas

An artist and conservationist based in Ottawa, Canada.

“Animals help us relate to our world, acting as a bridge between civilization and nature. They teach us to observe, to slow down, listen and watch. For the past forty years, over half of all monitored wildlife species in Canada have drastically declined in abundance. I want to raise awareness about this issue. In each painting, I seek to capture the essence of each animal, their personality and vulnerability. Their gaze draws us in – the playful look of a baby otter, the wary look of a coyote, the gentle glance of a bear. My intention is that people will see their uniqueness and beauty, and join the fight to protect them.”
-Anita Utas

Anita was born in London, Ontario, and now resides in Ottawa. She received her honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History at Western University where she studied painting and drawing under Paterson Ewen and Duncan de Kergommeaux. She went on to complete her Bachelor of Education, also at Western University.

Anita has been painting professionally for over ten years. She is represented in galleries across Ontario, and her work is included in corporate and private collections in Canada, the U.S.A., and Europe.