Stories from the Friend of Pacific Wild Community

detail of backside of Spirit Bear study

Helena Hernmarck: story of the Spirit Bear tapestry

Helena Hernmarck is an internationally recognized textiles artist, currently exhibiting at the ARTAPESTRY6 2021 show in Copenhagen Denmark, one of only two international artists to be invited to this European show. Helena is a regular annual donor to Pacific Wild’s conservation work.

Alice Guasco fundraiser

Alice Guasco Scholarship

The Alice Guasco/Pacific Wild Scholarship will provide $1000 to a deserving First Nations student entering the Indigenous Guardian Stewardship Program or post-secondary studies in biology, marine science or environment and sustainability.

Reclamation Series Pacific Wild

Kathryn Beals: Empowering change through personal transformation

Kathryn Beals is a B.C.-based artist with a unique approach to an art practice. A lifelong sufferer of migraine auras, she also experiences synesthesia. The word means ‘perceived together’. People who experience synesthesia see colours or shapes when they hear sounds, for example. Their senses blend together to create a very rare way of experiencing the world.

Photo by Joshua Asel

Capturing Coastlines: A Q&A with Josh Asel

Take a look at life through the lens of conservation photographer Josh Asel, whose stunning images of coastal environments inspire and support action to protect the natural world.