Back to Nature Apparel

Unique wearable works of art.

Back to Nature Apparel is located in Olds, AB and features our stunning wildlife images and scenes of nature on Canadian-made apparel and accessories. Our mission is to “give back to nature” by donating 10% of our sales to Pacific Wild!

Having spent a week with Marvin Robinson photographing Spirit Bears in the Great Bear Rainforest touched us deeply and inspired us in creating our Spirit Bear Collection of apparel and accessories. Marvin had told us about your IMAX film, and upon seeing it, we felt a need to help support the amazing work you do in protecting this pristine place and the wildlife that call it home.

We are a husband-and-wife team, and as wildlife photographers our passion is helping people reconnect with nature through our images. Not only because of the therapeutic value and beauty nature has to offer, but we also believe the more people come to love and appreciate nature, the more likely they too will help look after it.
In doing so, we created our beautiful “unique wearable works of art” featuring our wildlife images and scenes of nature on Canadian-made apparel and accessories such as leggings, scarves, beanies, handbags, pillows and more!

Our vision of finding better solutions that support communities and protects the environment has led us to “giving back to nature” by supporting wildlife rehabilitation programs with our proceeds.