Bella Coola Candle Co. – Candles from the Heart of the Great Bear Rainforest

Meet Tresyre Nash, whose handcrafted candles capture the essence of the Great Bear Rainforest.

Tresyre lives and works in Bella Coola, which lies in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest on traditional Nuxalk Territory. When she first drove down into the valley, she was “absolutely blown away by its beauty and the kindness and generosity of the community.” It was here that she started Bella Coola Candle Co.

We caught up with Tresyre to find out more about her journey and connection to the Great Bear Rainforest.

**Note: Bella Coola Candle Co. donates $1 to Pacific Wild for every “Great Bear Rainforest” candle sold. This is a small token to protect and preserve the beauty of the Great Bear Rainforest for generations to come.

You can view and purchase candles from Bella Coola Candle Co. here.

Pacific Wild: Please tell us a bit about your journey – when and why did you begin making candles?

Tresyre Nash: I began making candles here in the Great Bear Rainforest, a couple of weeks before our big craft fair in Bella Coola. The community was so encouraging, it gave me confidence in my work to continue on after that.

I started making candles because I love them! Also, the power goes out so much here, and I found that a lot of the candles I bought were not transparent about the ingredients used. I wanted to be transparent so people can feel confident that they are burning a clean candle.

PW: What makes your candles clean? 

TN: I use all natural ingredients, and always sustainably harvest all local botanicals used to garnish my candles. The majority of my shipping materials and product packaging are either compostable or recyclable. 

I also offer a refill program here in Bella Coola where you can bring me your old jars or any vessel you would like and I can fill it with a candle for $2 an ounce. 

PW: You’ve created a really sustainable company, and also give back to environmental organizations like Pacific Wild, which shows a lot of respect for nature. Do you have a favourite memory of a moment spent outdoors?

TN: It’s hard to pick one as growing up in British Columbia I have been spoiled with many adventures in nature. A favourite memory of mine spent in nature would have to be camping with friends along the beaches of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

PW: Sounds amazing! If you could travel to any wild place in the world, where would you go?

TN: Oh to be able to travel again. I would like to go to Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya to see all the wildlife there and to also see some sunshine as Bella Coola is definitely lacking in that 😉

PW: What inspires you to overcome challenges – like being stuck in quarantine during COVID?

TN: I am inspired by seeing others’ resilience in life and persevere to get closer to their goals and aspirations. As Robert Collier says, “success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”

PW: Thanks Tresyre!