The Wildlife Collective

A group of photographers, united over their calling to advocate for the wild.

We are 9 professional photographers who have united over our calling to advocate for the wild. Part of our mission is to inspire others to join our pack and create art that gives back. We invite you to join our adventure — live, laugh, and most importantly learn with us. We have committed 10% of all sales to go directly to our conservation partners.

Conservation is often a thankless job done by heroes without capes, fighting a daily uphill battle. As wildlife creatives, we are indebted to these heroes, just as we are indebted to the wild for enriching, inspiring, and connecting us to our natural world. We believe that conservation is not a passion or a convenience, rather it is our obligation. We must wield our cameras with purpose, to tell the difficult stories, to advocate for change, to inspire bold action. With conviction, we will speak to the heart and minds to inspire the change we hope to see in our world.

We love wolves. Unfortunately, they are often persecuted and vilified. It is heartbreaking to see government sanctioned mass killings of these amazing animals that represent the wild and fill our children’s storybooks. These special animals deserve our reverence and to be protected. Thus, we are drawn to the Save BC Wolves campaign and also we want to advocate for the protection and enhanced status for coastal wolves. We will use our voice and our platform to raise awareness and support calls to action. We were connected through Tom McPherson, head of Seaforth Expeditions.