Claire Gaulin-Brown

An artist and illustrator living and working on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Claire Gaulin-Brown was raised in a small cabin tucked away in Vancouver Island’s rustic Cowichan Valley. This setting led to an upbringing that gave Claire the initial push into an artistic career based on a deep understanding of the way humans interact with their environment. Claire has learned the many faces of the interaction between our planet and its inhabitants by immersing herself in experiences of the natural world, some of which include exploring in the Garibaldli Mountain Range near Squamish, watching pelicans glide by on a surf safari in Mexico, and having her breath taken away by the Himalayan Griffons in Nepal.
Claire has exhibited works in Victoria, Whistler, and Montreal, and has worked on illustrated conservation efforts through not-for-profit organizations such as the Bateman Foundation. Claire earned an Art History degree from McGill University in Montreal, but has finally found her way back to where her heart truly lies on the west coast where she lives, paints, and walks in the forests.

“There have been so many Pacific Wild Campaigns that have caught my heart over the years. I grew up exploring the shores of Vancouver Island and now as an adult and I have a rhythmic connection to the coast, not only in the way it informs my artistic practice, but also by how I spend my time. When you gain knowledge about something, such as an animal, or a place, you are more likely to care to preserve it. Pacific Wild has been such an incredible fountain of information to disseminate that knowledge so that those links to caring are created. I have learned so much about wolves in particular, through your Save BC Wolves campaign, that I keep coming back to them as a point of continued learning and artistic subject matter.”