– Travel Insurance for the Eco-Conscious

Freely is a travel insurance and safety app. 1% of all our revenue is donated to fabulous organisations working to save the planet like Pacific Wild!

Hi! We’re Freely: the world’s first end-to-end travel insurance and safety app. We started out to evolve travel insurance from a begrudging holiday tax to a useful and valued travel companion – with the added desire to contribute to people, places and the planet. With Freely, you can adapt your policy to your trip as you go, ensuring you only pay for the cover you need on the days you actually need it. What’s more, if something goes wrong on the road, we offer 24/7 customer service and can instantly connect you to our team of medical specialists and crisis experts.

One of our team members travelled to the Pacific North West and was bowled over by the beauty and fragility of the region. As we look at rolling Freely out in Canada and the U.S., we felt it was fitting to connect with Pacific Wild to help protect the countries’ biodiversity and ecosystems. We were drawn to Pacific Wild specifically for a number of reasons. They’re powerful policy influencers, they use storytelling to effect change and, importantly, they support Indigenous stewardship on the land and in the ocean. We are honoured to offer our support and thank them warmly for fighting the good fight!