Whelan Construction Vancouver

Whelan Construction is a general contracting and construction management company that specializes in airport construction, seismic upgrades, and other commercial construction projects. Based in Vancouver, B.C., Whelan has Irish roots. Founder, Brian Whelan, emigrated to Canada in 2013 and, since then, has successfully led the construction of over $400,000,000 worth of commercial projects, many of which have taken place on Musqueam traditional territory at YVR International Airport.

Whelan is derived from the Gaelic word ‘faolán’ meaning ‘little wolf.’ The wolf symbolizes strength, loyalty, and guardianship — core values the team strives for at Whelan Construction.

Wolves inhabited Ireland for millennia until they were wiped out by colonizers in the 17th century. In the northwest Pacific region of B.C., coastal sea wolves and interior gray wolves still roam freely but a provincial wolf cull program and sport hunting and trapping of wolves point to misguided and ineffective wildlife management policies affecting these family-oriented apex predators, vital to a functioning ecosystem.

Whelan is a proud partner of Pacific Wild and particularly supports its work to stop the wolf cull and #SaveBCWolves.

Whelan Construction also sponsors the YVR (Vancouver Airport) $5000 Musqueam Emerging Artist Scholarship (https://www.yvraf.com/sponsored-by-whelan-construction-dedicated-scholarship-for-musqueam-emerging-artist/).