Wilder Harrier is a sustainable pet food company that is using unusual ingredients in extraordinary ways. They are tackling dogs’ allergies, sensitive stomachs, and the health of the environment one ingredient at a time.

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On average, 88% of herring caught during the spring roe fishery is typically turned into fish meal and oil used in aquaculture pellets, fertilizer, and low-grade pet food.

By using alternative proteins such as invasive fish species, farmed insects, crickets, and vegetable ingredients with natural flavours instead, Wilder Harrier is providing high-quality proteins and protecting local fish populations like herring and Pacific salmon.

At Wilder Harrier, the mission is to make a positive impact on the world. Protecting habitat and foundational species in ecosystems, and creating truly sustainable pet food and treats is their core value system.

As a Friend of Pacific Wild and 1% For the Planet contributor, Wilder Harrier is fully committed to implementing sustainable and responsible business practices.

Together, we can work towards making a positive impact on our planet and protecting our marine environment.