Wells/Trumbull Personal Injury Lawyers

Ben Wells and Josh Trumbull, partners at Wells/Trumbull Personal Injury Law in Arlington, Washington State, help people with serious personal injuries. They are also passionate supporters of conservation in British Columbia, particularly in the Great Bear Rainforest. Ben has kayaked on the north central coast of B.C. along with his life partner Susan Conrad, an accomplished expeditionist, author, and photographer. Susan completed her ‘San Juan to Sitka’ kayak expedition on August 2, 2022 – a 78-day solo journey that began in Sidney, B.C. on May 24.

Ben and Josh raised an astonishing $43,113 for Pacific Wild’s Marine Protected Areas campaign between June 8 and July 31, 2022. You can read more about this successful fundraiser here.

Ben Wells: I have been a personal injury attorney since 1989. I enjoy getting to know my clients by going to their home, meeting their boss or their neighbors. I use these experiences to understand who my client is and how their life has been affected. I use these stories in court so the Jury can see for themselves the harm.

Josh Trumbull: Josh Trumbull is a renaissance man, with experience in many fields. Josh finds himself most at home when he’s solving difficult problems by combining information from different industries and disciplines to find the best possible solution. He likes to make people laugh, smile, and think about things in ways they never have before.